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◉2018年12月、2019年1月の稽古予定 / Class schedule in December 2018 and January 2019

下記4日以外の毎週  水曜日土曜日日曜日

Every  Wednesday ,Saturday and Sunday  ,except following four days .

◉臨時休講のお知らせ / Temporary cancellation of class


  • 12/26(水)
  • 12/29(土)
  • 12/30(日)
  • 2019年1/2(水)

In December 2018 and January 2019 there is no class on following four days. We are so sorry for your inconvenience this may caused.

  • Wednesday December  26th
  • Saturday December  29th
  • Sunday December  30th
  • Wednesday January 2nd 2019


◉定例審査のお知らせ /  Regular grading test

来たる12/23() 15:15-16:00のクラス中に定例の昇級、昇段審査を行います。 



We will have regular Dan and kyu grading test on Sunday ,December 23rd in the class from 15:15 to 16:00. 

If you would like to take it please let us know.

Please feel free to come and observe test. We are welcome every dojo member, their friends and family ,and anyone who has interest in Aikido. 


◉鏡開き式のお知らせ / Kagami biraki ceremony

  • 2019年1月20日(日)14:30 – 16:00に養神館合気道バンコク道場プロンポン道場にて第三回鏡開き式を行います。
  • 目的は、年頭にあたり新年2019年一年間のご自身、ご家族、ご友人その他周囲の皆様の安全、健康、進展を祈念する時間を持つことです。そしてそれを会員の皆様一人一人ができる範囲で合気道の演武を、また演武ための稽古を捧げることを通じて行います。
  • 式は以下の2部に分かれます。
    ①合気道の演武… 約30分


  • 道場生の皆様のご家族、ご友人、その他合気道にご興味のある方はどなたでもご自由に演武をご見学頂き、またお汁粉会へご参加頂くことができます(費用は一切掛かりません)。 どうぞお気軽にお越し頂けましたら幸いです。

Kagami biraki ceremony

  • We are going to have 3rd Kagami biraki ceremony of Yoshinkan Aikido Bangkok dojo on Sun January 20th 2019 from 14:30 to 16:00.
  • Purpose of this ceremony is wishing safe, good health and further improvement of yourself ,family ,friends and other people around you throughout year of 2019 at the beginning of new year. We are going to realize it by dedicating your aikido demonstration and time for preparing for  it.
  • It will be divided into following two parts.

  ①Enbu (Aikido demonstration by dojo members) …about 30min 

  ②Oshiruko-kai (Mealtime / eat rice cake with sweat red beans soup which gives you  power and some other light meals. ) …about 30-45 min. 

 *People who come to observe can come and go anytime as you please.

  • Dojo members ,their family and friends and anyone who is interested in aikido can come and observe demonstration and join Oshiruko-kai (mealtime / free of charge). We would be most grateful if you could come by and spend time together with us.


  • Kagami briraki (cutting rice cake) ceremony is Japanese traditional event held in January to wish for a peaceful year for family by cooking and eating round shaped kagami mochi (rice cake looks like circular mirror ) offered to god in the new year.
  • It is believed that people who eat kagami mochi will lead healthy and happy lives in the coming year.
  • In martial art dojo in Japan ,we usually have demonstration before eating kagami mochi and wish our safe ,health and progress in coming year .



Any change will be informed to you by this Bulletin board, facebook and email.

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