稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー26th March 2017 ( Phrom Phong dojo)




Today we practiced Katate-mochi shiho-nage ni (One hand grasp four direction throw 2) and related technique.

I feel the more my movement become one with my center line of body the more my this technique naturally becomes effective.

If it’s true the object we need to face should comes down to ourselves not to our opponent.

This technique will make us feel so.



稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー25th March 2017 (Ekkamai dojo)




Today we practiced some techniques for 2nd dan and upper dan test and related technique.

Before class I felt I have been exhausted lately and my body felt weary.

But after I started practice I found myself moving without feeling it at all.

I think it’s better not to believe ourselves only regarding limit of our spirit and body.


稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー19th March 2017 ( Phrom Phong dojo)




Today we had regular kyu grading test and practiced related techniques.

Getting together at dojo by carrying heavy bag through central part of Bangkok city during 35℃ very hot daytime. Carrying out grading test by applying technique each other very hard enough to sweat all over even though both of air conditioners and electric fans are working in the dojo.

What illogical kind of people Budo-ka (Martial artist) is !


稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー18th March 2017 (Ekkamai dojo)



Today we practiced Shomen-uchi yonkajo osae ichi (Front strike 4th control 1) ,some techniques for 1-3 kyu test and related technique.

I think when we apply 4th control we usually can not help focusing too much on our hand’s movement which cause our broken posture and our whole technique to go badly.

I think such a thing can be said in our daily life too.


稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー12th March 2017 ( Phrom Phong dojo)



Today we all threw him and he threw all of us by the free style technique against front punch as farewell throw for our aikido friend who will return to Japan tomorrow and today is his final class.
We do hope that his experience of practicing aikido in Bangkok ,Thailand will have a good influence as much as possible on his future life in Japan.
And today we could confirm again that our dojo’s mission is to work hard to realize this kind of classes.

Thank you very much to all.

All the best.

稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー11th March 2017 (Ekkamai dojo)



Today we practiced Shomen-uchi ikkajo osae ni (Front strike 1st control 2) ,some techniqurom 1-3 kyu test and related technique.

Shomen-uchi ikkajo osae ni (Front strike 1st control 2).This technique is also the one which is not easy for us to tell whether we really lead our partner to the ground or in fact our partner lead us to complete technique.We need to practice carefully in order to make sure which type of technique we are doing.


稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー5th March 2017 ( Phrom Phong dojo)



Today we practiced ikkajo (1st control) and related technique.
Control your opponent without giving him/her any pain.
It’s fantastic if we can realize principle of ikkajo in our daily life.


稽古日誌 / Training Diary ー4th March 2017 (Ekkamai dojo)



Today we practiced Shomen-uchi ikkajo osae ichi (Front strike 1st control 1) ,some techniques from 1-3 kyu test and related technique.

We have to practice about 100 techniques before taking 1 -3 kyu test.

There is no problem that your technique does not work on your partner at the first stage of learning how to do the technique. But it’s problem if you get used to doing technique that does not work.